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Why Choose Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

A vinyl vehicle wrap is a practice of fully or partially covering your vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap. Sometimes it may be the same color, but different finish such as gloss, matte, metallic, or a protection film. Or, it could be a new pattern, design, or small style addition. You could think of it as a giant decal. A custom vinyl wrap for your car can cover smaller portions or the entire vehicle.

Not only is a vinyl car wrap full of color options, textures, and style, but it also offers a protective barrier against rocks, debris, and other vehicle damage.

Customizing your vehicle is made easy with vinyl wraps. Ever see those cars driving around with full camo pattern, or a couple of stripes down the middle, or even more awe-inspiring – stars or galaxies over the whole vehicle. That’s a vinyl wrap. Let’s look at some of the top advantages of vinyl vehicle wraps.

Low Cost

When considering a new look for your vehicle, and shopping for the best option, you’ll find a lower price for a vinyl vehicle wrap versus a custom paint job. Custom paint jobs are extensive in both time and coats of paint taken to achieve a quality look. Vinyl vehicle wraps take much less time and require one installation of the wrap.

In addition to the lower cost of using a vinyl wrap on vehicles, it is also advantageous for business marketing. There is a time one expense, but continual ongoing advertising with no additional cost. Vehicle advertising has a great return on investment for business owners wanting a unique, easy way to advertise.

Another way this can become a lower cost is that if you ever want to return to the original paint color, a vinyl vehicle wrap is designed to be removed, if so desired, without any damage to the paint.

Downtime? Minimal

When considering how long your vehicle may be at the paint or detail shop, vinyl vehicle wraps are one of the better options, because they require much less time for installation. While a good vehicle wrap shop will take necessary steps to make sure the vehicle has a smooth, clean paint surface for applying the wrap, it still takes less time than applying multiple coats of paint in a professional paint job.

So Many Options & Digital Design

The beauty of local vehicle wraps being available is that the design options are pretty much limitless. Dealers may not have a particular color available for the car that you own, so a vinyl car wrap is a perfect option to be able to achieve the unique color you desire.

Updating the color is just one way that a local vehicle wrap company can help you achieve your vehicle design dreams. With everything being digital nowadays, there are custom digital designs available. Your company’s team of vehicles can all have the same branded look – even in the form of a full vehicle company wrap. Save a lot of time by rolling out a fleet of branded vehicles, as a consistent form of advertising, for your company – with minimal expense.

Easily Change Your Wrap or Remove It

Wraps, with their non-invasive installation process, can easily be removed to either revert back to the original paint color, change the wrap color, design or finish.

We recommend your vehicle wrap be removed by a professional vehicle wrap company to prevent damage to the vehicle’s surface. Preventing damage to the vehicle’s original paint is very important for installing a new wrap.

Protect Your Paint

Vinyl wraps for your car, when installed correctly by your local professional vinyl wrap company, can help protect the original paint of your vehicle. It could be a clear vinyl wrap, that when installed, will shield the paint. And could be removed to see the original paint again, or changed to a different color or finish.


At Executive Auto Wraps, we pay attention to detail. We take all the necessary steps to make sure your vehicle wrap is professionally installed with white glove auto care. We inspect the original paint surface to make sure it is smooth (free of chips, dings, or dirt). EAW will only use the best sources for cleaning the vehicle’s surface to remove even the smallest particles of dirt or debris. And finally, we take our time and expertise to install the vinyl and heat the vinyl in all the necessary locations to ensure precision fit and form. As your local auto wrap shop, we can answer all your questions and provide all the services you need to give you a custom vehicle wrap experience.

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