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Why You Should Choose Paint Protection Film

We've shared the benefits to paint protection film before, but we want to share why you should choose paint protection film. So, let's learn why you should get your car protected today.

Most vehicles have a clear coat on their paint finish. But, do not mistake this for paint protection film. The clear coat finish is a thick clear coat of paint that seals in the vehicle's paint color. While this clear coat protects your car's paint from a lot of damage, for the most extended protection, you'll want something more.

There are a variety of considerations that come into effect when deciding whether paint protection film would be helpful or not. Here are some questions you can answer:

1) Do you have a long drive every day or enjoy road trips? Paint protection helps protect against birds, bugs, and natural road debris. You want peace of mind when driving and seeing all the wear and tear your car takes. With PPF, you can have that peace of mind.

2) Do you keep your car in a garage or regularly maintain it with wax?

While this helps your vehicle paint, it also takes a lot of time and thought to maintain your vehicle regularly. With paint protection film, you can rest assured that your paint is protected long term.

3) Do you have a lot of trees where your car is parked?

Trees are one of the most significant sources of damage to car paint, with leaves and debris falling, as well as bird droppings. PPF protects your paint from all of this.

Paint protection film, or our preference Xpel Ultimate or Ultimate Plus PPF, is the perfect paint barrier product.

Paint Protection Film is not an easy DIY project; instead, it is installed better by a professional detailer or auto vinyl company. While PPF isn't the cheapest option in some cases, its durability pays off in the long run.

The longevity of PPF can be over 15 years, with the average being around ten years, like most vehicles today. The longevity of PPF is not only beneficial for keeping your car protected from scratches and debris, but it is also self restoring. The heat from the sun melts the PPF, which smooths out any imperfections.

To sum it all up, this is why you should choose paint protection film as the best long term auto protection plan:

  • Protect your vehicle's original paint from long-term damage.

  • Easily fix scratches that do come via the protective film instead of actual damage to the paint.

  • Boost resale value by protecting the original paint from fading.

  • Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for waxing.

  • Spend less time washing your car, as PPF minimizes dust and grime buildup.

You will find a variety of myths on the internet (no surprise, right!) that PPF can damage your car's paint, cause yellowing, an inability to wax your vehicle (if you still want to do that), and devalues your automobile. As with anything, there are so many options on the market that you get what you pay for. It's about quality. We can guarantee that these myths are entirely false when the correct PPF is used and installed properly. These myths are so inaccurate that the opposite is often the case, as can be understood after reading this article.

We hope we have convinced you, after reading this article as to why you should choose paint protection film. We want you to relax by knowing that you can protect your car paint with Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film or Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF.

Not sure where to start? The best way to get started is to contact a local paint protection film installer for a quote. We're here to help you, so give Executive Auto a call today: 918-845-1746

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